Review of Star Trek: Best of Both Worlds on Blu Ray

Last night The Red Room went to the movies to see television.  What could be better?  We have been attending the Star Trek: The Next Generation screenings for the past couple of months.  With each season release on Blu Ray, they pick two episodes and play them in a movie theater.  This has been a great experience and this is the third time we have gone.  They are now finally releasing the first great season of TNG on Blu Ray, the third season.  I have been awaiting the chance to see Best of Both Worlds up on the big screen.  There are some episodes of television that I can remember precisely where I was when I watched them.  Episode 16 on Twin Peaks,  Second Look on Thirtysomething, The Becoming on Buffy and Best of Both Worlds on Trek.  When the To Be Continued popped up on the screen and I knew I had to wait 3 months to find out if Piccard would stay a Borg, I was in TV heaven.  In fact, this cliffhanger is so great that they ran a 20 minute documentary before showing episode last night.  They talked about how scared the actors were that they would be fired and not be brought back, they discussed the spectacular music that Ron Jones wrote to score the cliff hanger scene, they talked about the huge build up, they discussed how this very moment is when Piccard over took Kirk as the greatest captain.  So of course they cut all that out of the episode and changed it so they could create something new and sell it separately.

Why does money over take art every time?  They are releasing this as a separate Blu Ray outside of the season packages.  The episode doesn't play the same as a one story because it was written as the greatest cliffhanger.  To take that out, robs the audience of the pain that the characters go through.  The only reason to do this was that some executive said, couldn't we make an extra $15.89 by selling a stand alone piece?  Yes, you can, but not from me.  While the experience of going to the theater and watching these two parts written by the late Michael Piller was still so much fun, the two part into one part goes against every Scott Rule for television there is.  The main thought I had while watching this was that I could really see some executive saying: SO THAT SEINFELD EPISODE, THE CONTEST.  YEAH EVERYONE LOVES IT CAUSE THEY DIDN'T SAY MASTURBATION THE ENTIRE 22 MINUTES.  NOW YOU CAN SAY THAT, LETS RE-EDIT IT AND HAVE THEM CALL IT SPANKING THE MONKEY. WHAT DO YOU THINK?  IDIOTS WILL BUY IT.  THEY LOVE THAT SHOW.  I am so glad that they are showing these in the theater and I will be excited to see Season 4's episodes (I am hoping for Qpid and Redemption pt 1)  I just think when an episode is famous for something, don't remove that something even if it means you make $15 less.  Somethings are not about money, and if they would have ever watched a Trek episode, they would have known that.

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