We Need Denny Crane

We have been re-watching David E. Kelley's show, Boston Legal.  This show ran during the heart of the George W. Bush years.  In my opinion, there is no better reflection of what living in post 9-11 was truly like.  It has an episode where a band is not allowed to sing the Edwin Starr anthem, War (What is it good for?)  It seemed comical that the idea of banning a song would ever happen.  In the episode they mention that Linda Ronstadt was removed from a Las Vegas hotel for talking about the war, they mention the Dixie Chicks, and all of a sudden you remember what the oppressive feeling was like from 2001-2006.  When you were either with us or against us.  So for the most part, while we have been watching it has been fun but distant...until last night's episode.

Episode 21, A Whiff and a Prayer, first aired October 18, 2005.  In this episode a congressmen was sued for taking a donation with the pledge that he would pass the bill to ban assault weapons and then didn't.  In it the lawyers argued how 80% of American's were for the bill but that congress wouldn't even vote on it because of the power of the NRA.  All of a sudden it didn't feel like 2005 anymore, it felt very much like 2013.  I suddenly longed to hear Denny Crane defend this Republican congress that has decided they will never allow any reform to be completed under Obama.  I would love to hear Denny say that Mitch McConnell is a hero for swearing that he will not allow Obama to pass any legislation even if it helps America.  I miss hearing Alan Shore (the amazing James Spader) rail against what both sides of our government has become. I want to hear them comment on Sandy Hook, the sequester, and the Boston Bombing.  What would Denny say about a terrorist in his very own city?  I know that most people don't enjoy television that reflects the exact time they live in.  I thrive on it.  Josh mentioned how amazing it would be if Aaron Sorkin and David E Kelley teamed up for a show together.  It would be amazing.  So amazing, no network would broadcast it.  I long to sit on the balcony one more time and hear Denny and Alan pontificate on how sad the country is because we all had the dream of Hope in 2008 and no hope came through.   We need Denny Cranes, Archie Bunkers and Will McAvoys to say the things we all want to say and no one will.  I know that the fans of Boston Legal don't know what kick starter is, but I say the world needs Denny now more than ever.

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