Another Season, Another Show

RRJPGAnd so another TV Season, therefore another Red Room Season, comes to an end. We have in our two and a half years have released 60 podcasts. I think this season was our best. We had some great interviews with David Bushman, Alex Ago, Tony Milch, Ed Copeland, The Twin Peaks Archive and Twin Peaks Soundtrack Design.  That is an amazing list of television experts from all walks of life.  We love to find people who have a different insight and discuss  the love that TV characters can create. Downton-Abbey-Series-3-Episode-3The new shows that we probably covered the most this year were House of Cards, The Newsroom and Downton Abbey.  We are lucky that all these shows are coming back and we will continue to cover them both.  We hope to start out next season with Mad Men and later cover Game of Thrones and the return of Boardwalk Empire.  While it is hard to find really great shows that are on the air right now, we have always tried to stay current.

From the past we have covered Buffy and Angel with a little help from Tiffany, Josh promises to catch up.  And we are hoping to do a podcast next year on Veronica Mars, Scott promises to catch up.  We are both watching Boston Legal, China Beach, Star Trek on Blu Ray and Pushing Daisies.   So I assume we will cover those next year.  And we will of course, be covering the return of one of the best 30 minute shows ever, Arrested Development.  There are still so many great topics to discuss.

twin peaks bookWe are super excited about being published for the first time in the Fan Phenomenon Book Series about Twin Peaks.  We hope you have pre ordered your copy through this link.  It is our long term goal to publish a book with all our thoughts from The Red Room.  We also were lucky enough to snag two new correspondents, Courtenay Stallings and Eric Billingsley.  We look forward to hearing more from both of them.  Mostly, we are thankful to you.  We are constantly amazed at the amount of listeners and readers we have amazed in really just 2 seasons of podcasts.  Josh loves that he gets to share Breaking Bad, Mad Men and Six Feet Under with people.  Scott loves talking about Moonlighting, David E Kelley and Thritysomething.  We truly appreciate every time anyone has liked or shared our pages or retweeted us on twitter.  It always gets us new followers and we love it.  With television playing at different times on different devices, it has been so much fun to show that it is still the most communal experience our culture can have together.  So as Josh says: Keep watching, Keep listening.


Scott & Josh

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