Harry's Law Wonder Woman Episode

The Red Room: Scott's Side

Last night, I watched Harry's Law on NBC.  It was the episode with Erica Durance as a woman who thinks she is Wonder Woman.  The episode also contained a side story about an escaped Great Ape from a Ohio zoo.  Being from Ohio myself and having lived through the Zanesville experience, I was totally enthralled with the episode.  But what struck me the most was how unpleasant it was to watch real television.  Last night for the first time in years and years, I actually watched episodic TV while it was on.  No Netflix, no DVD, no DVR (and for you older people) no Betamax.  I have now been living 3 months cable free so I watched Harry's Law over my HD antenna because it is the only way for me to watch the show.  It is not available on NBC Online, nor on iTunes and nothing from the show has come out on DVD.  So in 2012, they are basically saying watch the show when we say you should watch it or never see it.

A couple of weeks ago I did sit down and watch the Kennedy Center Honors live on CBS.  That was a great experience.  But last night was pure NBC: Nothing But Crap.  In the middle of a speech about rape, they put a creeper ad that popped up where Wil Arnett spun around, danced with Christina Applegate and told me to watch something else.  Basically, don't respect this show, watch another.  Also every 7 minutes, they had Ricky Gervais toast me with a glass of champagne and beg me to watch the Golden Globes this Sunday.  This interruption came during a speech on freedom.  The really annoying thing was that a split second before Ricky would pop up, the entire screen went white.  My guess is the overlay of the ad interfered with the antenna.  I have always read that Harry's Law is in danger of being cancelled.  Do they really not get why?  I hopped on Twitter and tons of people were tweeting about the excitement of Wonder Woman, having a Smallville actor as a guest star, and the animal rights aspect.  NBC had a chance to have a show about issues, morals, and thought-provoking television and roll it into ratings gold.  Instead they just hawked their other crap, diminishing the result.  Network TV is dying and that makes me sad.  I love the communal experience (see my blog about the end of the water cooler).  Mix in the non flexibility of programming with the intrusive ads and you are making it a lot easier for me people to just not watch at all.  Hmmm, I wonder what choice most Americans are making?

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