Conan O'Brien has a show like his show that's not to be shown

I like to follow Conan O'Brien on Face Book.  I think that site does a great job promoting the show and sharing good videos.  I saw a picture of Conan and Martin Short with the tag: Serious Jibber Jabber.  I clicked on the video link and an hour long interview loaded in.  This show was so interesting.  It was basically like a Charlie Rose interview.  While watching it I thought, Wow, this guy, Conan, should have a TV show.  OH WAIT! HE DOES. What has television become when, even though you have a TV show, you still have to go to the internet to do a side project.  Conan is someone who has a show that he interviews celebrities and he had the thought: “I wish I had a show where I could interviews celebrities?”  Have we eaten ourselves yet?  This would be like going to see Paul McCartney live and during the show, he says, you need to go online to hear him sing Non-Beatle songs.  Shouldn't Conan be able to ask Martin Short to tell a Frank Sinatra story on his televised program?  Of course not.  Executives would say, younger, hipper and quicker.  I have thought for years that the best thing David Letterman could do is to drop the monologue and first desk piece and just interview 2 people for the full 60 minutes (which we all know is only 38 minutes of content.)  But now I know if Dave did that it would have to be delegated to Face Book.

Let me be clear, I am not faulting Conan.  He did a great job on the interview and I would suggest everyone watch it.    Their discussion of comedy was just the kind of talk I love.  My fear is that this means there really is no hope for old fashioned TV.  When the internet started there was crap on the internet and quality on TV.  Now you have to go to the internet for quality and there is crap on TV.  The reason it amazes me is that someone with the heft of Conan has to do this.   This is literally like Johnny Carson not being able to interview George Burns because NBC would say that would be boring.  But 30 years later, we all are watching the Classic Carson clips on AMC.  But again, AMC broke up those classic clips into 11 minute pieces.  They are shown only once and then they are gone because quality has no place on TV.  I think we need to change our Red Room Podcast logo from TV set to an Ipod.  And I am old enough for that to bother me.

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