Annie is just fine: The Real End Of Twin Peaks

600full-twin-peaks -fire-walk-with-me-poster I love the musical, Man of La Mancha, but I never enjoy watching the end when Don Quixote realizes his quest is over. The fun part is watching him strive, once he realizes the dragons are just windmills, then what do we have?  I have been thinking about this ever since the news that Twin Peaks is coming to Blu-Ray with the deleted scenes from Fire Walk With Me. (click here to pre-order) Since 1990 I have been searching for Twin Peaks items. The moment the pilot was over I really wanted a CD of the music that played when Audrey made the Norwegians leave, aptly called The Norwegians. I looked for the track on the CD of Season 1 that was released that summer. It wasn't there. Then I really really wanted The Hook Rug Dance song from season 2. I copied these songs on something called a cassette tape and listened to them in my car. Well as you all know, in 2011-2012 all of the Twin Peaks music was released from and now I own all the music.  This release was monumental.  No other show ever has released all of it's soundtrack.  I was so excited but...I wanted more. Buy or Rent A Voyage To Twin Peaks at Amazon. It is the documentary Scott directed about the 25th Twin Peaks Festival. See the actors, the set locations and interviews with the fans. For years we wanted the shows released on Video...It happened.  They only released the first 7 episodes.  Where was season 2?  A few years later I found them.  I was so excited until I decided I need them to be released on DVD.  That took years and years but it happened. Through it all there was one windmill none of us could beat: The deleted scenes from Fire Walk With Me. Some said the scenes were never filmed. Some said there were 2 hours of scenes. Some said we see Annie after she escapes The Black Lodge, some said it didn't exist.  We wondered, we hoped, we waited, we tilted.

Well in a few short months, we will find out. After a 1990-2014 wait, all of Twin Peaks will be released on July 29, 2014. Every song, every scene, every thing. Then what will I do? For years and years I have wondered what the answer was to the question Cooper posed: How's Annie? How's Annie? What will I do when I find out Annie is just fine. Order the new set here

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