Episode 4 of True Detective

Episode 4, Who Goes There, was released after a week hiatus.  HBO, obviously still living in a Pre-House of Cards land scape, feared playing this episode up against the Super Bowl.  With the action packed ending that Episode 4 had, they should have played it.  Football fans were dying for some action around 9 PM last Sunday.   True Detective is hands down the best show on television right now.  If you do not get HBO; Call up, order it watch the past 4 on HBO GO, then watch the final 4 and cancel it.  It will only cost you $10 and it will be more entertaining than any movie you can go out and pay $30-50 to see. The first 3 episodes have moved along at slow but wonderful pace.  They have been littered with iconic speeches that should be studied for generations.  This episode said, "Yeah, but we can do other things too!"  From the opening scene where Woody Harrelson rolled up his sleeves and interrogated a prisoner to the end scene where there were people running around everywhere, fleeing police, criminals and police pretending to be criminals, this show is letting you know it can be anything.  One of my favorite things about this show is that it's two lead characters are absolute pieces of shit human beings.  But, it isn't because they are addicted to pain killers, (HOUSE) or because they have cancer, (BREAKING BAD) or because they are in therapy (EVERY SHOW SINCE THE SOPRANOS.)  These characters are just flawed humans because they are humans.  I delight in watching Woody be devastated by a situation he created.  The writers are not giving you excuses.  They are showing you why. Now the end action scene.  I am a huge fan of direction on television.  Cary Fukunaga better win the Emmy next year for best director.  I was thinking about how everyone talks about Sons of Anarchy and how its a biker show.  But there are not scenes like that biker bar.  And once they attack the apartment complex,  the show begins an action sequence with no cuts.  It makes Robert Altman's The Player look like a Disney movie.  I was a nervous wreck and I felt like I had totally been transformed into a war zone.  The real war zone that we are shielded from: America.  We have discussed on our podcast about how we are really not that interested in the "Who Done It" aspect of this show.  This episode, which barely touched on the murder, shows that we just want to follow these two where ever they go.  And the two I refer to are Cary Fukunaga and Nic Pizzolatto.   I can't wait for next Sunday and it has been along time since I have felt that way about a show.  And I love them for it.

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