Podflash: David Letterman Retires!

Dave 01Something very sad happened on the Late Show With David Letterman this week.  Dave Tweeted.  All week long Dave had been pulling out a lap top and tweeting a topic out to his followers.  Then the next night he would read the top 10 responses.  All week Dave kept saying, "We are sick of doing top 10 lists, they are never funny.  You do them."  And viewers did.  They mentioned Regis, Chris Christie, made fun of Letterman, just like the Dave writers do.  It had me worried all week.  Then on Thursday, Dave said the words that I have been fearing ever since Leno stepped down.  Dave announced that he is retiring in 2015. Let me start out by saying it is the right choice.  My guess is the network and media moved Dave to twitter because of all the internet action that Fallon, Kimmel and O'Brien generate.  Jimmy Fallon took over The Tonight Show in a fashion that Leno never did.  Fallon made it his own, moved it into the new millennium and made the Tonight Show relevant for the first time since Johnny Carson left it in 1992.  Dave always looked so good going up against Jay Leno.  But lets not forget that when Arsenio Hall took to television and brought a hip fun based program with him, Johnny packed up and went to the Yacht.  Johnny Carson's departure from television was the single greatest classy moment TV ever had.  I think we are about to see the second classiest moment.

Dave changed television for any one who didn't want to tell a joke like Bob Hope did.  He made it OK to be mean, sarcastic and funny.  When Dave was bored with a guest, we knew it.  When Dave thought the guest was lying, he told us.  Some people were too afraid to go on Letterman, that is what Leno was for.  As much as I am enjoying Fallon's show, he will never be able to create true conversation with a guest.  The sad thing is, no one will notice or care.  That kind of conversation will end forever on a variety talk show when Dave steps down.  If you don't believe me, just watch President Jimmy Carter from last week.  He was on Dave, Bill Mahr and Jon Stewart.  Josh and I discuss what happened in these 3 interview on our Podflash below.  Give it a listen as we discuss the breaking news that broke my heart.  For 24 hours I have been thinking about how there will not be an Amy Sedaris interview, a Julia Roberts moment, no more christmas Lone Ranger story, no talk of Global warming mixed in with comedy.  There will not be those Regis or Brian Williams moments.  Basically what I am saying is that I wouldn't give my troubles to a monkey on a rock.  Thanks Dave for over 30 years.

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