Mad Men : The Money Season

96 PodcastWe are 5 episodes into the Money Season of Mad Men, some are calling it the Final Season, I call it the Money Season.  It appears as if Matt Weiner said, sure I will come back but only for the money.  All 5 episodes this season have ended with Don going back to work.  Each one ends the same way.  First to Freddie, then to Roger, then to Peggy, then to Lou, now to the tobacco industry.   I pray the next 2 also end the same way.  That way I will know that Don is really, really, really going to back to work.  I wish the writers would also go back to work.  In this week's episode when Nipple boy screamed, get out while you can, he was talking to viewers.  This show should have ended in season 5.  They have run out of idea's and are only circling.  If your response to me is that I am just not getting how deep and interesting the subtleties ar96 Podcaste, I would argue you are not actually looking at what they are showing us.  We only have 2 more episodes left in part one of Matt's financial security plan and NOTHING HAS HAPPENED.  They are trying so hard to not give us what we want that they are giving us nothing.

I imagine the writers room saying: "Listen, I don't want to go out like Lost.  We don't want people to wonder why Walt appeared to Shannon so we have to bring back Roger's daughter.  That should be an entire episode.  Hey, what if Betty didn't get to eat a sandwich?  Oh, we have to do that story before the show ends, otherwise people will be disappointed."  I am not saying that the show was always plot based.  It wasn't. It was character based.  This season we do not even have logical character movement.  Pete Campbell is the only character they have not ruined and that is mostly because he has hardly been in it this season.  Peggy is a miserable human.  Are96 Podcastwe to believe that losing her child and watching Pete get married didn't effect her but Ted moving to California was way worse?  Also, now all the partner's hate Don with a fiery passion.  Why does Cooper now hate Don more than he loves making money?  So, no plot and no sensible character growth.

indexThen there was the mud hole scene.  This is what truly took Mad Men out of the quality television arena and put it firmly in the Disney Channel category.  Roger and his daughter walk in a field of dirt.  The only place there is mud in our entire eye line is right where they are gonna fall in it.  It hadn't rained the day before and the only place for mud is in front of the car.  This is what would happen on a kid's show.  They want the characters to roll around in the mud, who cares, make a mud pit.  But on quality TV you don't feel the writer's hand.  Worse 96 Podcastyet, the director that took the long shot showing us there is no mud anywhere but in that small spot.  You may say I am being picky.  Yes, I am.  I watch only quality TV,  that is why I watched Mad Men.  To me, television is art.  This season of Mad Men has been something a kid does in preschool art class.  I have hope that they will pull it together in the final 9 episodes that are left, but I don't have faith.  Sometimes the magic just goes away. It usually coincides with the same time the money starts rolling in.

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