Orphan Black Episode 2.7

417168-orphan-black-orphan-blackOrphan Black silently turns in amazing episodes week after week.  In a script by Aubrey Nealon episode 2.7 called "Knowledge of Causes, and Secret Motion of Things" BBC America's Orphan Black slips into that rare league of a show that balances multiple stories as well as actress Tatiana Maslany balances multiple characters.  After struggling all season with Mad Men, where I was forcing myself to justify why I was still watching the show, I found myself totally enjoying this week's episode of Orphan Black.  It just moves from scene to scene with humor, horror and consequence.  I have been thinking about Joss Whedon's universe over and over while I have watched two and half seasons of this show.   My favorite thing about Buffy/Angel was that each action caused a reaction.  This show follows that philosophy.  Every time Allison tries to get out of her situation her way out causes a new wrinkle.  The show also takes a page from Scandal in that it moves at a fast pace.  If you were a little annoyed with the musical sub plot, no fear, that story is gone.  Just think if The Lost writers had this show, you would still be having Sarah pretend she was Beth.  They move the plot and it is a pure joy to watch.  If you are not watching this show, get on amazon prime and watch season one and catch up.  This is hands down the best show that you are not watching.  If you are already watching, read on because spoilers are about to burst. Just as we are losing our first villain, Dr Leekie, we are gaining a new one, Ensign Ro, Admiral Cain, Michelle Forbes.  I think the writers knew they had to bring in a female villain that was going to have the acting chops of Tatiana. I am guessing that all those smiles that Michelle gave us in her first scene are merely hiding an underlying sense of danger.  This show always excels when the men step aside and let a female plot take over.  When Cosima learned that her niece's stem sells were stolen and implanted in her uterus without her knowledge, we get the opposite of an abortion story.  It is the strong female centric stories that work every time.  Allison fighting an over protective husband.  Sarah combing through her male bimbo rolodex for someone to use.  Cosima wearing the pants in her lesbian relationship.  Having a female bad guy is going to help the show over all.  Michelle Forbes is the Heather Locklear of Sci-Fi.  Coming in to shake up Trek or Battle Star and now Orphan.  She will rattle our main hero, Sarah Manning, in a way that Dr. Leekie just couldn't.  Even the maternal character of Mrs. S is sinister.  This show takes what Buffy brought to television, a female super hero, and has upped it with an all female show.   There is no male protector to help any of our female's and it is great.

So let's talk about the cliff hanger.  Leekie gets his head taken off and not by who we would ever imagine.  What will the consequences of Donnie's action be?  I don't know, but I am confident there will be one.  With only 3 episodes to go in this second season, Orphan Black has accomplished what few "concept" shows have been able to do, they have gotten better with each episode.  I don't know which story I am more interested in.  Rachel's company, Cosima's illness,  Helena with the "Big Love" people, or how Sarah created Kira.  I jump from story to story and am totally enjoying the ride.  I expect the final three episodes will up the ante to a place I haven't even considered yet.  I trust this writing staff to make me laugh, scare me and surprise me.

I can't finish this blog without ranking my clones.  If Tatiana does not win the Emmy this year, then they should cancel having them.  In this episode when Allison took the head band off Sarah I realized that I had forgotten that it was the same actress playing both parts.  The gimmick is fun, but the story is king.

1. Helena - Her singing Sugar, Sugar this season was adorable.  She is funny and scary, the perfect character.

2. Cosima - Come on, the poor sweet adorable lesbian is dying, if you can't feel for her story, I don't understand you.

3. Sarah - Sarah is the glue that holds it together.  Her character isn't as flashy but her new romance with her baby daddy is very cute.  Also her and Fi's scenes are what we love about television most: Friendship.

4. Allison - This is where Tatiana earns her Emmy.  You just know Allison, you have seen her at your kids school plays and you hated her immediately.

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