The Red Room Podcast Episode 23: “America Doesn’t Give a S*it About Sick Poor People and Why Breaking Bad is So Important"

Episode 23: Breaking Bad

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This week we discuss the AMC show Breaking Bad.  When we recorded this podcast we were up to about mid way through season 2.  But I feel that even if you have never watched this show before, this is a podcast you can listen to.  We basically discuss the social and political ramifications of our healthcare in the United States.  Here is a character, Walter White, who has a good job, a family, a home, and cancer.  When his health insurance will not pay for his treatment, he turns to making Meth to make money.  This concept should sound totally offensive to us.  But at this point in our country's history it sounds just about right.  He is presented like a great family man who is just trying to provide for his family before he dies.  A Mike Brady or Cliff Huxtable for the 2000's.  This show is much more subversive than it even presents itself to be.  It just slowly picks at a scab in today's America.  And that is just the kind of TV show we at the Red Room are looking for.  Listen to our podcast at your own political risk.

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