The Missing Pieces were Missed

1400169317000-TwinPeaksBluRayCoverThe Red Room Podcast mentioned the deleted scenes from Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me on our second Podcast.  We have had 8 podcasts about Twin Peaks and we are prepping the 9th right now.  We will have a huge panel to dissect the missing pieces, the deleted scenes, and the box set of Twin Peaks.  I have watched the 90 minute "movie" once and I have some first thoughts to share.  Remember, I have been waiting 22 years for these so I am sure there will be many thoughts that change and grow over the years.   These are my first thoughts.  So please join us for episode 82 with Brad Dukes (Reflections Author Click here to order this book), David Bushman (Paley Center), Welcome To Twin Peaks, Ross Dudle (Music expert), Courtenay Stallings (USC cast reunion), Harold Wallin and Josh and I.  Subscribe at iTunes and follow us on Twitter to get more information. 1. The scenes make Fire Walk With Me are wonderful and had to be cut.

Film Threat coverI love FWWM more than the series and I always have but I don't think it should be 4 hours long.  Lynch had to make a tough choice.   He had to decide what needed to go.  Either he told Laura's Story or the town's.  He made the right choice.  The deleted scenes are wonderful and they even clue you into more deep dark secrets and connections, but they would have made the movie a jumbled mess.  The way it plays now, it is a story of two women who are murdered, Teresa Banks and Laura Palmer.  What would Big Ed and Norma have to do with that?  These missing pieces show that David Lynch might just be the most pure artist ever.  He made cuts he knew his fans would love to tell the best story he could.

2. Big Ed and Norma are the heart of Twin Peaks, musically.

Yes, I know I just said that he should have cut the scene with Big Ed and Norma in the parked truck.  Musically, this scene is amazing.  If you remember, in the pilot of Twin Peaks, Norma and Ed have a discussion while a song plays.  This scene is repeated in a truck in FWWM.  In the pilot, Falling is playing, which is the theme to the series.  In this new scene, a saxophone version of She Would Die For Love is playing.  This is the theme for the movie.  I like this tie in.  And before you tell me that this is coincidence, watch the closing credits and see how important music is to Lynch.  Over 50% of the credits is dedicated to music.  When is the last time you saw an all instrumental score listed in the end credits with names of the songs?  Never.

3. Sheryl Lee is the hidden Meryl Streep of her generation.

28-laura-sees-her-fatherHer performance was already legendary.  These scenes take it to a new level.  There is something about watching an actor kick ass and take names in a Master Shot. I will be discussing my Master Shot theory more on the podcast.  Let me just say Sheryl's heart breaking performance is taken to a new level with the dinner scene, rejecting Dr. Jacoby (a man she went to for help) and all the scenes with her mom.

4. Grace Zambriskie got hosed the most.

The actor that really got screwed by these scenes sitting on a shelf for 22 years is Grace Zambriskie.  She never had many important scenes in the series or the movie.  She was always fine.  These twinpeaks-595-1395861017scenes show what she is capable of.  Sarah Palmer might have been a more popular character if these scenes were released.

5. My love for Twin Peaks will never die.

The other day I saw someone post that Twin Peaks is the greatest show ever put on television.  I can't say that I agree.  The greatest show ever put on television cannot have a sub plot like Little Nicky, Dick and Andy.  Twin Peaks is too flawed to be the greatest.  I just love it more than I love any show or any artist.  Is it because I saw it when i was in college when I was young and impressionable?  Is it because the imagery is so stark you can't look away?  Is it because it is filled with beautiful women?  Is it because at it's core it is just so damn sad?  I really don't know.  But my excitement at looking a the packaging, the Blu-Ray menus and these new scenes means that it is at least the show that I love the most.  I thank David Lynch and Mark Frost for giving us a world that keeps giving even 25 years later.

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