News Room Season 3...So Far...Better...Kinda

I spend a good portion of my time trying to convince people to watch good TV.  I believe the best TV should do 2 things: Entertain and Engage.  I do not turn on my television set to veg out or to watch other people's misfortunes.  This is why my favorite two television writers are David E Kelley and Aaron Sorkin.  This is why the pilot episode of Newsroom was one of my favorite watching experiences I have had in recent years. That opening speech from Jeff Daniels about how America is NOT the greatest country in the world...but it could be, made me think The Newsroom would be one of my favorite shows ever.  Well it isn't.  That doesn't mean its the worst either.  Season 1 was really pretty good, Season 2 was a disaster and Season 3' see the thing, we aren't used to struggling over our thoughts anymore are we?  We expect to LOVE it or HATE it.  I think the Newsroom is one of those spectacular failures. We need more of them in television. Aaron Sorkin is trying. I give a ton of points to someone who tries.