Moonlighting Mondays In March

Blog moonThe Red Room goes Blue Moon.  I have decided Monday's in the month of March will be all about Moonlighting.  I have recently confirmed with Glenn Gordon Caron, the creator and writer of Moonlighting, that he will come on the Red Room Podcast for a chat about the best show of the 80's: Moonlighting. I actually watched the pilot of Moonlighting when it aired, well to be exact, I watched it on Betamax (ask your parents what that means) the next day.  For the next five seasons America watched as David Addison (Bruce Willis) and Maddie Hayes (Cybil Sheperd) fell in and out of Hate, Love, Lust and Sex.  Maddie was rich and beautiful, an atheist who didn't like nonsense of any kid.  Dave was poor and beautiful, a romantic who didn't like responsibility of any kind.  All was about to change for both of them as they collided in the pilot episode.  It aired 30 years ago this month.

So I am asking fans out there to please rank your top 10 episodes of Moonlighting and post it on our Facebook page here.  Next Monday I am going to release the combined list of all the fans.

For this Monday I refer you to a couple of Blogs I have done over the years.

Here I made mp3 covers for a couple of the songs that aired on the show, and some that were never released.

Here I discuss my thoughts on the first two seasons.

Here I discuss the so-called Moonlighting Curse (I don't subscribe to the curse theory and will be discussing this with Mr. Caron.)

My interview with Glenn Gordon Caron.

Here Josh and I discuss the creativity of Moonlighting on our Podcast on the show.

If you have not watched Moonlighting ever or not since the 80's.  Here is a link to purchase the first two seasons.  It is a great ride and piece of television history. I feel that Moonlighting has not received the respect it deserved.  It really was the most creative show ever.  You never knew what kind of show you were going to get week to week. A few years ago we also did a podcast about the best couples ever and of course I picked Dave and Maddie.  In two weeks, I will post a new blog about them as a couple.  Were they right for each other?  Did they love each other? And years later, why do we still remember them?  Keep an eye at this blog, our twitter account and Facebook for more Moonlighting Mondays.  I will be tweeting out pictures, websites and Fun on our Twitter account all month.

I have already heard from a ton of fans and it makes me happy to know that everyone is still ready to Limbo.

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