Moonlighting Mondays: Music Edition

Where there is Bruce and Cybill there is singing.  Some of my favorite scenes in Moonlighting involved them singing.  Whether it is Cybill singing big band tunes in The Dream Sequence Always Rings Twice or Bruce belting out Good Lovin' in Atomic Shakespeare, there was always a tune playing on the show.  The soundtrack album has some of the songs that played and is a great remembrance of the show.

I am glad this record has the songs that the actor's sang, but I wish it had some of the other songs from the show.  The fact that it is missing Big Man On Mulberry Street is a shame, but maybe Billy Joel wouldn't give it up.  This could be a question that I ask Glenn Caron when I interview him in early April.

So here is a bit of music that you may not know about.  Everyone knows about Bruce's 80's Album, Return to Bruno.  But did you know about the 1974 Cybill Shepherd album?  I recently bought this used record at a vintage shop.  (I already have my original Vinyl Moonlighting soundtrack that I bought with my Arby's paycheck back in high school.)  Cybill recorded a Cole Porter tribute executive produced by Peter Bogdanovich.

IMG_0779Her voice is amazing.  She has a ton of vocal control and delivers the lyrics of Porter with no problem.  The music is great and it sounds like a throw back to the 20's.  A few of the arrangements really remind me of the music that Barbra Streisand was recording in the early 70's.  The connections to Moonlighting are interesting.  First of all Cybill sings Brush Up Your Shakespeare from Kiss Me Kate, which is of course what Atomic Shakespeare is based on.  They even re-wrote the lyrics to fit Cybill.  Another connection is  the fact that the show did Another Opening in my favorite episode, Womb With A View, which is a Porter song.  It also has a tribute in the linear notes written by Orson Welles, who of course intro's Dream Sequence.  Bogdanovich who also appeared in the Straight Poop is on the album dueting with Cybill.

IMG_0781The other cool thing was that the copy I found also came with a full sized poster of Cybill.  She looked amazing and this will be hung up with pride in my computer room.   If you can track down a copy, I think Moonlighting fans will love it.  Thanks for joining me on #MoonlightingMondays.  Next Monday I will post the combined top 10 list, so post your list at our Facebook page.

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