Podcast: Thirtysomething The Entire Series

94 Podcast_edited-2Carolyn Hendler joins Scott for an all out discussion of all 4 seasons of Thirtysomething. Hope, Michael, Nancy, Elliot, Ellyn, Melissa and Gary. We discuss it all. Major spoilers are given so only listen if you have seen the show. We also pick our favorite episodes from each season. This podcast runs an 1 hour and 15 minutes and was created for people who truly love this 80's show.  If you have not watched the show please watch all 85 episodes before listening because this is basically a love fest for one of the top shows ever. You have been warned.  Now grab your Atari, your shoulder pads and your Reaganomics and head back to the 80's. Like our newest podcast: The thirtysomething Podcast on FacebookTwitteriTunes

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