My First David Lynch Defense in 1993

cooper20 years before the Red Room Podcast was even dreamed about, I was out there defending David Lynch.  In 1993, I made a documentary about movie directors with a co-worker at a Video Store.  I was like Quentin Tarantino without all that pesky fame and money.  We each picked different directors that we loved and I picked Lynch.  This was 1993 when everyone hated Lynch.  Fire Walk With Me had just bombed and people had even turned their backs on Wild At Heart.  in 1993, they were now saying WAH shouldn't have ever won at the Cannes Film fest in 1990.  Since I loved both films, this bothered me greatly.  What else could a boy with a VHS video camera do? I had to fight back. I only had one way and that was to dress up as Agent Cooper and defend Lynch.  I have never shown this video publicly but as I am getting ready to attend the Twin Peaks Fest, I figured, why not show the world my Cooper imitation.  Before you watch remember this was 1993.  There was no computer editing.  There was no iMac Final Cut, just VCR to VCR and everything had to be done in one take.  The video runs 16 minutes and I like that I still agree my assessment 21 years later.  You can watch the video below or head out to You Tube.

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