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Post by Scott Ryan I did it!  After 25 years, I finally went to the Red Room's Mecca.  I went to the Twin Peaks Festival.  I have plans to make a documentary of the experience but that may take a few months.  I didn't want to wait to share my pictures with you, so here we go.

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IMG_3082 copyThe Double R diner is just as exciting to see as you might imagine.



This is where they filmed the Sheriff Station


My wife sitting in Lucy's spot.  Does this make me Andy?


Here is what is left of the smoke stacks from the Saw Mill.


This is the bus tour in front of Nadine and Big Ed's House.  I asked everyone to pretend they were Nadine and cover an eye. Notice that our frequent guest, David Bushman, refused.


This is one of my favorite pictures.  This is from FWWM when Laura gets the picture from Mrs. Tremond.IMG_1470

The hotel where Laura and Teresa Banks stayed


Brad Dukes (buy his book about Twin Peaks it is amazing) and I welcome you to Twin Peaks in the exact spot from the credits.


Ronette's Bridge from the pilot

IMG_3174 copy

This is the mountain in the back of FWWM when Chet and Sam talk


The Great Northern looks exactly the same.  I got a little emotional here.


It was great to meet former guests of our show.  I put their claim to fame by their picture.  I was honored to be around these wonderful people.  The Red Room has been blessed with great guests.


This is John Thorne.  He is THE MAN as far as I am concerned. He was the co-editor of Wrapped in Plastic Magazine.  If you have not listened to my interview with him, listen here.


Another group of Twin Peaks Guru's.  The guy in the middle, Josh Eisenstadt, knows everything about Twin Peaks.  He also said he would put me in touch with Sheryl Lee for an interview so he may be my favorite human ever!


This is my recreation of what it would be like to meet Sheryl Lee.  Sam K. was dressed as Laura from the final episode.  She enchanted me with her Black Lodge Mojo


This is me humbly being interviewed for a German magazine.  She had listened to the Red Room before coming to the fest to study up on Twin Peaks.  This was a first for the Red Room.

IMG_3177 copy

This is Matt H from The Twin Peaks Podcast and I re-creating the fight between Sheriff Cable and Agent Desmond in FWWM in the spot it was filmed.  I am very glad that with all the fighting that goes on between Twin Peaks internet sites that the Red Room is friends with everyone.  I am honored to guest on Twin Peaks Podcast and happy to have them.  No real fighting here just respect. Also Matt had a hilarious video play at movie night.


This is Sparkwood and 21 where Laura jumps off the Bike.


John Thorne has an original poker chip that Cooper held...and now I have too.



Brad and I playing BOB and Wyndom in the Red Room.  (picture taken by Cherie Savoie Tintary)


This chair is the ACTUAL chair Cooper sits in when he is in the Red Room (picture taken by Cherie Savoie Tintary)


You want celebrity pictures.  LOG LADY


Ronette Pulaski was so nice.  She took time with everyone.


Jonny Leppell was nice enough to jump with me as he did in FWWM as the boy behind the mask.


Charlotte Stewart was nice enough to agree to an interview.  Coming soon.


Ran into Kimmy or Lucy at the Double R


We got a picture with Lucy and Dick


If you meet Mike Nelson, you know he has to bully you.  (Thanks Gary for being a good sport about this picture)


Here they are wrapping me in plastic at the exact spot where Laura was found


So nice of Brad Dukes to cry over me ala Andy


Here Gentle is dressed up as LIL from FWWM for the contest.


Mary or @televixen is dressed as Teresa Banks. I thought her outfit was the best she looks just like her.   Good news, Televixen is going to come on the show to discuss females in Sci-fi.

IMG_1337 copy

Courtenay and I left cards for the Red Room Podcast at the Double R.

I could post a million more pictures but I don't want to be an old Grandmother.  The trip was amazing and I suggest you all go to the Twin Peaks Fest facebook page and check it out.  I am sorry I don't have more pictures of the staff that puts this weekend together. I have a few but I figured if I posted just some, I might hurt some feelings.  THE STAFF WAS INCREDIBLE.  Take this trip if you can and thanks to everyone.

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Watch my preview of my upcoming documentary.


I did a Scott Luck Story, which is comedy based, about the trip.  You can listen to that here.

Twin Peaks_edited-1

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