Podcast: Twin Peaks Fest with Josh Eisenstadt

98 Podcast_edited-4 Our Newest Podcast is all about The Twin Peaks Festival of 2015.  Scott took a trip to the town of Twin Peaks, check out his pictures here.  Scott and Josh Minton discuss the trip then the Manager of Twede's Cafe gives an EXCLUSIVE interview about David Lynch's visit to check out the Double R diner and restore it.  After that interview we welcome Josh Eisendstadt, independent film maker and Twin Peaks expert.  Scott and Josh E have the most in depth Twin Peaks conversation you are going to hear this side of the Great Northern.  We create a new BOB theory on the spot, discuss Cooper's Hair theory that Scott debuted last year and talk all about the love of the Festival.

Listen here:

Buy or Rent A Voyage To Twin Peaks at Amazon.

You can see pictures from the Fest here.

Watch a preview for an upcoming Documentary about the Twin Peaks Fest.

Listen to episode 105 where Josh E and Scott discuss Mulholland Dr.

Listen to a Scott Luck Story, which is comedy based, about the trip.  You can listen to that here.

Check out our page that has all of our Twin Peaks Coverage.

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Buy or Rent A Voyage To Twin Peaks at Amazon.