Preview of A New Twin Peaks Documentary



When I travelled out to the Twin Peaks Fest 2015, I packed up my camera and recorded everything that I could.  I interviewed fellow Festers and filmed all the major events.  I have finished the documentary and am excited to announce that it is available to rent or buy on Amazon. Below are two previews for the documentary.  The first is an original song that I wrote for specifically for the movie.  The second is an extended intro to the documentary.  Follow @redroompodcast on Twitter for more information. If you have a Twin Peaks event and would like to play the documentary, please contact The Red Room Podcast.

Press play for Song Preview:

A Second Trailer for the Documentary:

Buy or Rent A Voyage To Twin Peaks at Amazon.

Here is my Blog of pictures from the Fest.

A podcast interview with Josh Eisenstadt about The Fest.

Check out The Red Room Podcast page that has all of our Twin Peaks Coverage.

Twin Peaks_edited-1Here is a Scott Luck Story viewing the Comic side of the fest.

If you manage a Twin Peaks Festival and want to play the documentary or preview I would love that.

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Buy or Rent A Voyage To Twin Peaks at Amazon.