Hannibal: Cooked To Perfection

Last night, NBC aired the final episode of Hannibal. Wow, what a sentence. How was this stylized, brilliantly violent series played on NBC, the most facile of all the networks? NBC had no idea what they were airing. My theory is proved to be true by the awful full motion ads they displayed during the episodes, promoting their embarrassing programs that are coming this fall. Why are you asking us to watch Hero's during Hannibal? If we were the type of people who watched Hero's, we wouldn't be watching Hannibal. I watched season 1 and 2 of Hannibal on Amazon Prime. Watching this season on real TV was very frustrating. It has nothing to do with binging, or watching when I am told and everything to do with the disrespect that the show was given. I think the problem Networks have these days is that they are so used to airing reality junk that is not creating a mood that they think nothing of having ads during dripping blood in slow motion. But let's get back to the show. 11950316_869577586465300_3488017362925003390_oThe final scene or at least the final scene before the end credits teaser, was exactly how a series should end.  I am about to give some spoilers, so move on if you have not watched the show.  The final shot we see of Will and Hannibal is left open for interpretation.  I know there are some that are holding out hope for a movie to wrap up the series, but I like thinking what we saw was the end of the series.  If you want Hannibal and Will to be dead, you can believe that. Or if you want Hannibal to be out there, eating Gillian Anderson's leg, you can have that too. A legless but cleavage full Gillian Anderson was the actual final scene of the series if you stayed till the very end. This is how a series should end...with a choice.  Series that try to push their characters into a specific ending or a completely open air ending, usually don't fair as well. My choice is to think that Hannibal and WIll are both dead.  But really, if we have learned one thing from this show it is that no main character dies.  I mean Dr. Chilton, Raul Esparza, couldn't die being shot in the head, burned in a fire or having all his insides taken out. I guess he really does love Being Alive. (That was a good joke for the 2 of you who got that.)

But what about the series death?  I think most shows stay around too long. It is always better to leave while you are still interesting. I believe Hannibal was cooked to perfection.  We really have no need for another season.  The story of Hannibal and Will was told.  The only reason to continue at this point is because we liked watching the characters interact.  Hannibal totally changed itself every year.  It never rested on what had come before, be it season from season or movie from movie or book from book.  It was always its own thing.  I will miss the show, but I am glad it is done.  They told a really interesting story in a way I had not seen told on television.  The fact that it let a guest star like, The Red Dragon, basically be the lead for its last half of the season was very brave.  I say we let Hannibal go on falling through the air and when we want a glimpse of that monster, we will look back at the 3 seasons Bryan Fuller left for us.  But I have to admit, I can't wait to see what dish the creator cooks up next.  While it was a full satisfying meal, I am always ready for another.

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