Scott Pays Tribute to The Log Lady

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The Owls in the Road House were silenced on September 28th, 2015 when Catherine E Coulson was taken to the White Lodge.  The news hit Twin Peaks fans hard knowing how close she was to the heart of Twin Peaks.  We have come to accept that Don Davis, Jack Nance and Frank Silva will not be a part of the Season 3.  We had, in some cases, 20 years to prepare for it.  But not having the grace and calming of Catherine in Season 3 is just too awful to think about.

Instead I will focus on the moment I shared with her, just 2 months ago.  We were filling time before the dinner banquet at the 2015 Twin Peaks Festival this past summer.  We decided to take another look at the Falls and walk around the Salish Hotel.  My wife suggested that we take a look in the gift shop.  We walked in and there was this sweet Grand Dame browsing the Log Lady Merchandise.  It was Catherine herself.  I knew that I would have the chance to meet her at the panel in a few hours, but I couldn't stop myself from approaching her.  I found an Owl in the gift shop and said, I heard these are not what they seem.  She smiled and said, they sure have a ton of stuff here.  I asked her for a picture and she said, of course.  As soon as we were done, she asked if she could see it.  She explained that she had just purchased the hat she was wearing and wondered how it looked.  I assured her it was adorable.  But this little moment was her.  She was just so open and honest.  I thanked her and started to walk away.

IMG_3116She followed me and asked if I would do her a favor.  Umm, yeah!  She asked if I would mind taking her picture while she held up one of the Logs they were selling to prove to her family that she had really done something.  I immediatly said, you are the Log Lady.  You don't have to prove anything to anyone.  I took her picture and she sent it off to someone.

At the panel she read a quote from David Lynch.  It was her who would have that ability to pick up a phone and call David to tell him about the Fest.  She loved going and meeting the fans.  She was so open and made you feel at ease.  I am still working on my documentary of the fest and I am so glad that I will be able to share with everyone her words of wisdom and the enjoyment she had with the up coming season 3.  I am not going to change an edit with her passing because she was so alive at the fest, there is no reason to revisit it with her absence.

The thing about going to the Festival is that you are really able to see the actor's as the people they are and start to separate them from the characters they played.  Of course, I will miss the Log Lady but her true soul was so much brighter and inspiring.  I will treasure my Wrapped In Plastic Magazine that she signed for me but what I will really remember is the moment in Salish where I got to spend a human moment with a soul that was full of humanity.  The Owls may not have been what they seem, but Catherine Coulson was.


Listen to a podcast discussion about Catherine Coulson:

If you would like to send your condolences to the family of Catherine Coulson please send cards or cards, but no flowers at this time to:

Oregon Shakespeare Festival Catherine Coulson Memorial 15 South Pioneer Street Ashland, Oregon, 97520 USA

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival will hold a memorial for Catherine later this month but no details are available at this time.

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