Charlotte Stewart Interview & The Great Southern

110 It only took 110 episodes but we finally have a Twin Peaks actor on our show. This is a great place to start too, Charlotte Stewart. She has written a memoir called Little House in the Hollywood Hills. She joins to tell some great stories. She will be attending the Great Southern Twin Peaks celebration in Richmond, Va. on June 9th. So this episode beings with a fifteen minute talk with Andrew Blossom who runs the Great Southern.

The Great Southern was the place Scott debuted his documentary, A Voyage to Twin Peaks. You can rent it or buy it from Amazon and see the 25th anniversary Twin Peaks Festival. You can order Charlotte's book now and read all the wonderful stories that she told on the podcast. If you don't laugh at her story about Jack Nance, I don't know what will make you laugh. I think it is the longest sustained laugh on our show yet.

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