Twin Peaks FAQ Book Podcast

111_edited-1 Authors David Bushman and Arthur Smith have written a book about the first two seasons of Twin Peaks. They take an in-depth look mixed with a dash of humor as they cover the Lynch/Frost classic show.  They discuss their history with Twin Peaks, fight with Scott over who is the best Donna, and discuss their wishes for upcoming season 3. We also talk a bit about Buffy as that is their next book.

The three of us will join Brad Dukes and John Thorne at a panel at the Great Southern Twin Peaks weekend.  Please come join us as Scott gives the world premiere of his Documentary as well as runs a panel called the Mythology of Twin Peaks. Lots of great stuff going on this summer. For more on the Great Southern, check out our previous episode #110 with the organizer and Charlotte Stewart (Betty Briggs)

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