Twin Peaks Festival 2016 Interviews - EXCLUSIVE

115 Podcast_edited-2Last year was Scott's first trip out to the Twin Peaks Festival, he came back with a documentary, A Voyage To Twin Peak. This year he comes back with some exclusive interviews from some of the celebrities. (Only attendees that didn't ask for money from fans were interviewed.) An interview was recorded with Connie Woods but somehow the interview was lost. We will hopefully have her on another show. He did get to talk to Charlotte Stewart about her book, Laura Harring from Mulholland Dr, John Neff, Sound guy on Mulholland Dr and Blue Bob and Gary Bullock, Sheriff Cable from Fire Walk With Me. Scott also interviewed Author, John Thorne, Check out his book, and Fan and Vendor, Mary Hutter. At the bottom of this post we have links to all they were selling and talking about. You will notice Scott's voice is a little rough on the voice over, the festival takes it out of you. Press play to listen, or head iTunes to download and be sure to check out the documentary about the Twin Peaks Festival Streaming on Amazon.

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