116 Stranger Things Podcast

116 Podcast We have a round table discussion about Netflix's newest show, Stranger Things. We welcome Mya from the Twin Peaks Blog, Courtenay Stallings, Charley Wise and Ben and Bryan from Twin Peaks Unwrapped. We hit all the plots, characters and influences of the Duffer Brothers. We also compare "11" to Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. We debate whether Winona Ryder's character was strong or weak and talk who and what influenced the show.

For having 7 people on a phone call, we think this turned out pretty well. (There are some volume issues, but what can you do?) We have great guests with great talk about the newest television obsession. So go grab an Eggo, put on thick head phones and ride your bike to your favorite spot. The Red Room Podcast talks about Stranger Things.

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