120 The Secret History Of Twin Peaks


So is Mark Frost's new book got you angry? You don't understand why there are mistakes? Norma's Mom? Nadine's Honeymoon? The March 15th date? Don't you worry. at 16 minutes into our newest Podcast, prepare to have your mind blown. Mark Frost, almost got us, but not quite. John Thorne joins Scott & Josh to give a theory about how the book actually does work.

Also, Scott takes John to task on his Dream theory which seems debunked after the book.  SPOILERS are all over this podcast, so listen after you read.  Be sure to buy the book, John's book and check out Scott's Twin Peaks Documentary.  Enjoy a really fun debate about The first new piece of Twin Peaks since 1992.

Scott Ryan and John Thorne have started a new Magazine about Twin Peaks. Order The Blue Rose Digital version for only $2.99, the Print version at the website: www.Bluerosemag.com

If you have not heard the story of what happened when Scott tried to buy the book, listen to that story here:



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