123 Actor Stephen Tobolowsky Interview

123 Stephen Tobolowsky may not be a name you know, but his face sure is. He has acted in just about every television series we cover here at the Red Room. David Bushman and Scott interviewed him for the Big Bad Buffy Interviews podcast. That portion of the interview will debut on that podcast on Groundhog's Day. This portion covers Stephen's work on Curb Your Enthusiasm, Deadwood, Silicon Valley, Californication, Picket Fences, Seinfeld, The Goldburg's and his new work on Netflix's One Day At A Time. We also talk about his film work in Mississippi Burning, Groundhogs's Day and Memento.

This podcast is a great podcast for actor's wanting to know how to create characters for pilots, how to learn lines and what it means to be a working actor. Enjoy this wonderful interview. If you want to hear him talk about his work with Joss Whedon on Buffy, then head over to Big Bad Buffy Interviews and listen to more there.

You can pick up Stephen's new book on amazon.

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