126 Live Twin Peaks Podcast Event

The Red Room joined forces with Gateway Film Center to host a screening of Lynch's Fire Walk With Me. We also screened A Voyage To Twin Peaks. The audience got to see the locations where FWWM was filmed before watching the film. We also talked about John Thorne's dream theory, Scott gives his Annie theory and we talk about the new Blue Rose Magazine.  We are hoping to do these for all the Lynch films playing at the Gateway all this year.

After the event, Scott and Josh talk about what it was like to watch FWWM in 35mm with a sold out audience.

Listen here to the live event:

Scott Ryan and John Thorne has started a new Magazine about Twin PeaksCheck out the Blue Rose website to place orders Click Here.

Buy or Rent A Voyage To Twin Peaks at Amazon. It is the documentary Scott screened at this event. See the actors, the set locations and interviews with the fans.