Kristin Chenoweth Hits The High Note; NFL Hits The Low

Sunday January 22nd, Kristin Chenoweth sang the National Anthem at the NFC Championship game.  Kristin, who I will love forever from Pushing Daisies and Wicked, did a great job.  The weather was cold, windy, rainy, yucky and it didn't matter to our Broadway star; however, the fans in attendance were just plain cold and nasty.  While she sang, the camera cut to the different players.  When they would show one team, they booed, when they showed the next team, they cheered.   The director of the program spent time cutting back and forth.   The Americans booed other Americans while an American sang the song of America.  I will not spend these words chastising sports fans.   That group of people have long decided human kindness has no place in sports.  I also have not been interested in professional football in my life.  I can't see getting worked up watching one millionaire chase down the other millionaire unless they are chasing Wall Street down to give us our money back.  It is the director/producer of the program that I blame.  The first time he saw someone boo and then cheer, he should have cut back to Kristin for the rest of the performance.  Would it be exciting, talk worthy TV?  No.  But it might have been respectful to the artist that they invited to sing.

I first tried to watch the clip on USA Today's site.  It had a link to You Tube.  When I clicked on it, a pop up came up saying that the NFL owned Kristin singing the National Anthem due to copyright.  Sorry NFL, you don't own someone singing our National Anthem.  However, you most definitely own the culture that would have booed them.  It would be great to see the NFL fire the director/producer who made these decisions.  That would show a movement in the right direction.   As long as we continue to put the lowest common denominator first, especially when it comes to sports, this is the kind of television we will get.  This is the kind of society we will get for the home of the brave and the land of the free.


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You can try to watch her sing here, if someone didn't already remove it: Click Here.