Red Room's Amazon Store Is Live

We have just opened an Store that will house all the shows we talk about.  If you click on the links from our site it will take you right to the shows.  We will be adding our suggestions and the shows we discuss from now on at this site.  Our first suggestion is America In Primetime.  It is a great documentary that PBS aired.  They discuss most of the shows we do.  David Lynch discuss Twin Peaks.  Omar discuss The Wire.  Larry David discuss Curb and Seinfeld.  It is very interesting.  We will be having a podcast about this documentary in a week or so.  So you can catch up with it, before you catch up with us.  Enjoy. Buy or Rent A Voyage To Twin Peaks at Amazon. It is the documentary Scott directed about the 25th Twin Peaks Festival. See the actors, the set locations and interviews with the fans.

America In Primetime DVD

America In Primetime Blu Ray