The Best TV Love Couples Ever

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Scott's List

10. Jin and Sun Kwon - Lost.  If you compare this couple from the Pilot to the Finale, it is amazing.  At first you are certain Jin doesn't love Sun, but only owns her.  You are certain that Sun just wants to be far away from Jin.  Now, compare that to the scene where the Freighter explodes and Sun thinks Jin is dead.  Kate and Jack may have been the couple on the cover of magazines, but Jin and Sun were the couple that made us follow them to the tops of mountains and the bottom of the sea.

9. Mr Bates and Anna The Maid - Downton Abbey.  I watch this show solely for the stolen moments between these two characters.  It is interesting how some shows will continually keep their couples apart, and Downton does as well, but what mostly keeps these two apart is honor and dignity.  They could have been making out in one of those many rooms in the mansion, but they do not because Mr Bates wouldn't ruin Anna's dignity.  That is what lands them on this list;  a couple with morals. (This was written before all the jail stuff)

8.Winnie Cooper and Kevin Arnold - The Wonder Years.  I know, they are just kids and they didn't end up together, but to me they are the perfect high school couple.  I believe the best section of this show was the season that they two of them dated.  It was the heart of the show, as the show pulled farther away from the two of them, I think they lost the momentum.  I don't think the innocence of young love has ever been captured as well as this love story.  And the fact that Winnie grew up to be a Hot Math-lete just makes it even better.

7. Miranda And Steve Brady - Sex and the City.  I suppose that Carrie and Big are the couple that most people cared about.  Not me.  Steve is the only Male character that they ever created on this show. (I don't have time to get into my Aidan theory, but I will someday.  Interesting fact from IMDB, Mr Big and Steve are both in 41 episodes.  That doesn't mean anything but I thought it was interesting.)  I cared about Miranda and Steve.  The writers knew that we did care about them and that is why they received such a great story in the feature film.  Once you start taking care of your husband's mother, you are witnessing true love.

6. Denny Crane and Alan Shore - Boston Legal.  Every list needs a fun pick.  I believe that the love that Denny and Alan display over the 5 years of this show is stronger and truer than any relationship before or since.  Ok, they were missing the sex life but beyond that, they were truly a couple.  They took care of each, defended each other and fought like cats and dogs.  In the episodes where Alan took Hands out to the balcony to have a drink, you felt like he had cheated on Denny.  It was much worse than when Ross cheated with the copy girl.  This was true and honest.  The Balcony?  Denny's Balcony?  I think David E Kelley has always been great at writing male relationships (Fish and John cage from Ally could have made this list) but this was his peak.  Friendship, sleep overs and true love.

5. Cliff and Claire Huxtable - The Cosby Show.  I do not believe there is another family sitcom that truly displayed that the parents loved each other.  Even more, that the couples had sex.  I mean Raymond must have only had sex the 2 times Debra got pregnant.  Cliff and Claire do it at the end of every show.  And Claire ain't saying, "Ok, I'll give it up this time." She wants it.  I believe that these two people made 5 kids.  In fact they did it so much that the older kid popped out a season later.  I like that they not only love their kids, but each other as well.  This is probably the most believable couple on my list. (Written before Cosby became synonymous with yuck)


4. David Addison and Maddie Hayes - Moonlighting.  Chemistry matters.  These two have unbelievable chemistry.  I am in the middle of rewatching this show, and I cannot believe how much chemistry they had from the pilot on.  Heck from the first scene together.  There has been plenty written about this couple. (see my blog about it here)  In the end, I think they were perfect for each other.  I live and breath by each step closer they get to getting together.  I fear that the true legacy they left is people fearing getting couples together, but if you notice, every couple on my list actually got together at some point.  This idea of putting off forever, doesn't make you the best love story, it makes you the most unbelievable love story.   I think over time what works best on TV is the study of love, not so much the waiting for love.  I hope that someone creates a show soon that really deals with how to keep love going.  Listen to our Podcast about Moonlighting here.

3. Elliot and Nancy Weston - 30Something.  I can not imagine a couple that has covered more space in 4 years than these two.  When the show begins, you are plopped down into a marriage that is truly suffering.  Most, strike that.  ALL, TV break ups are done with huge events.  This marriage comes undone by the worst and truest of events.  They don't like each other anymore.  Each word the other says is like a knife straight to the other person.  I have found very few people who watch this show and do not hate one or both of these characters for a good portion of the show.   I get it.  You are now asking why are they number 3 on my list?  Well, I hate spoilers.  Go watch 4 seasons and tell me why they are on my list.


2. Buffy Summers and Angel - Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Angel.  I am not sure there is another couple that broke my heart more than these two.  In fact, their heart break is so big it stretches over two series.  He is a vampire, she is a Vampire Slayer.  There is bound to be trouble.  But they love each other.  In fact, I am often asked why I don't enjoy the end seasons of Buffy.  The reason is simple, Buffy couldn't just replace Angel in her heart. So we have to suffer through 4 seasons of her with lesser men.  Angel didn't have that issue, since the show Angel didn't ever try to replace Buffy.  W e always know that his love for her is forever.  Sometimes it is hard to be true to your concept.  When they split off Angel into his own series, it took the pain and suffering with him, and that just left a hole too big to fill.  keeping characters apart can make us love them even more, this was the perfect example where the couples had a true obstacle that could never be over came.  So their love remained true and perfect.

1. Six and Dr Gaius Baltar - Battlestar Galactica.  I find it interesting that my top two picks are from "Sci-fi" shows.  Does this mean I think love is Science Fiction?  Or just Un-Earthly?  No, that isn't it.  It is that the best love stories are unattainable.  You think you have troubles in your relationship, Six and Dr Baltar only see each other in their respective minds for most of the show.  They loved each other so much that they both turn on their ENTIRE species.  That is true love.  One could argue that neither are capable of love, but then you missed the point.  It is beyond me to give away what happens in the final episode of this great show because most of you will not have seen the show.  But when you think of what the end of this show is, you cannot deny that their love is the heart that beats for the entire series.


Josh's List

The Best TV Couple?10. David Addison and Maddie Hayes - Moonlighting.





9. David Fischer and Keith - Six Feet Under.





8. Hank Moody and Karen - Californication.





7. Charlotte and Harry Goldenblatt - Sex and The City.





6. Holling Vincoeur and Shelly Tambo - Northern Exposure.





5. Fox Mulder and Dana Scully - X-Files.





4. Ephram Brown and Amy Abott - Everwood.





3. Six and Dr Gaius Baltar - Battlestar Galactica.





2. Charles and Caroline Ingalls - Little House on the Prairie.





1. Niles and Daphne Crain - Frasier.






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