For years I waited for Moonlighting, Twin Peaks, and Thirtysomething to come out on DVD.  I now own all of them.  But there are still some series that I really want to own and when I see second-rate shows come out, I curse and complain.  I also want to add that any show that is no longer making new episodes needs to be released in a complete box set format.  Give me the option of buying the entire series first.  I appreciated that this was how Larry Sanders and Ally McBeal were finally released.  The true fan deserves the ability to own the ultimate box set right from the start not buy each season then be teased with a cooler box set that you can’t afford because you already own it. (Yes, I am talking to you Alias.)  

The Shows I most want to be released on DVD:

The shows of David E. Kelley – Picket fences/ The Practice/ Chicago Hope/ Harry’s Law.  Why are only Ally and Boston Legal available on DVD?  The first season of Picket and The Practice are out but no more.  I will not believe that some of the crap sitcoms that are out would sell better than these other shows.   The fact that 80% of his shows are not available means it must be a contract dispute and no one wins those.  I really and truly need seasons 2 and 3 of Picket Fences to come out on DVD, as it is in my top 5 of all time shows.   The Practice won multiple Emmy's and it still hasn't been released.  This must happen soon.  Thank you and that is all.

Batman - This show is tied up in more legal troubles than Charlie Sheen.  Why?  The reason most shows do not come out on DVD is due to music rights. (Think The Wonder Years.)  But there is no way that Batman has that issue.  I know that true comic book people are against this show but this show was all about fun.  It is part of TV history and it needs to be released.

China Beach – Not many shows are truly created around women characters.  (Josh and I are working on a list of the top 50 characters of all time and I am truly struggling to find women to put on the list.)  China Beach focuses on the role women played in the Vietnam War.  This show is extremely flawed but it has one of the most brilliant final seasons of any show ever.  This show also means the world to Vietnam Vets so let’s get this released.  I would never admit to buying this series as a bootleg and then I would never complain about how it was missing episodes including the finale.  Never.

The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson -  I already own the 3 disk box set and I really don’t have an interest in the side country music and comedy skit releases that have come out.  What I want is a box set of complete episodes; a set from each decade.  Johnny Carson was more than a talk show host, he was our national barometer.  I suppose if you are under the age of 35, you probably don’t even know what he was really about. (Expect an upcoming blog about what he means to me.)  Where Johnny was his best was in conversation with a guest.  And with only Letterman actually conversing with guests, this box set would open the eyes of today’s talk show watchers.  I want full episodes, hand-picked from each decade, 22 episodes a decade.

The Carol Burnett Show -  Lately I have been watching some television from the 80’s.  And you know what? Comedy doesn’t age.  What was funny once is funny always.  Yes, there are releases of this show but again, not in its entirety.  We have all seen the Gone With The Wind clip where she says "I just saw it in the window and couldn’t pass it up."  But I want to see the skits I don’t remember.  Tim Conway and Harvey Korman were comedy geniuses.  Again, I beg, release the full seasons.  If SNL can release all of their sub par seasons (and I think they should) then this show can release full seasons as well.


So, there they are the top 5 releases that should come out on DVD.  I would have picked The Wonder Years but it is now streaming on Netflix and at least it is watchable.  In my opinion, EVERY show should be on Netflix and Hulu.  Hulu makes you watch commercials that can’t be skipped.  So, why not have everything there?  Certainly for these companies, some money has to be better than no money.  Because if you just keep these shows available only through illegal downloads and bootlegs, that is where the money will go.  And they have no one to blame but themselves.

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