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30Something - Machete Episode Guide

Josh asks very little of me.  That is why our partnership works.   Another famous TV partnership was Michael and Elliot from 30something.  Their story is one of the best in this 80's television show.  As followers will know, 30something is one of my top shows of all time.  I love it like I love Picket Fences, Moonlighting, Soap and Twin Peaks.  I love the show so much that I started a podcast about it and I have a book coming out in 2017. Josh has asked me for a while to create what is now called a Machete version of watching this show.  The thing about 30something is that there are some bad episodes, but since it is a drama you do tend to miss something if you just skip around.

I have decided to rate the episodes as A, B or C.  A's are episodes that you must watch.  I rank 45 out of the 85 episodes as A. These are the heart and soul of 30something. These episodes are crucial to the overall story lines and cannot be missed to understand the show.  I rank 30 episodes as B. These could be missed but probably have some plot point that will be carried on. I added some B+’s. This means that while the episode may not be great, there is a plot point that will be continued or this episode is the genesis for a major character change. The thing about 30something is sometimes you need to sit through something that might not be totally engaging to get a pay off later. 10 episodes are rated as C.  These are the worst of the show. Yes, if this is your first time through the show you might want to check these out but they are pretty weak and could be skipped.

This show is the single best journey of any series ever.  The characters become so real to you that you will believe they actually exist.  But if you want to take a quick pass through the DVDs then only watch the 45 great ones.  Or watch it as a 75 episode great and fine episode.  Or just take the full 85 episode journey, just like life, take the good with the bad.

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Season 1

1              "Pilot" - A

2              "The Parents Are Coming, the Parents Are Coming" – A

3              "Housewarming" - B

4              "Couples" - A

5              "But Not for Me" C

6              "We Gather Together" B

7              "Nice Work If You Can Get It" A

8              "Weaning" B

9              "I'll Be Home for Christmas" A

10           "South by Southeast" B+

11           "Therapy" A

12           "Competition" A

13           "Separation" A

14           "I'm in Love, I'm in Love, I'm in Love with a Wonderful Gynecologist C

15           "Business as Usual" A

16           "Accounts Receivable" B+

17           "Whose Forest is This?" A

18           "Nancy's First Date" B

19           "Undone" C

20           "Tenure" B+

21           "Born to Be Mild" B

Season 2

1              "We'll Meet Again" B

2              "In Re: The Marriage of Weston" A

3              "The Mike Van Dyke Show" A

4              "Trust Me" B+

5              "No Promises" B+

6              "Politics" A

7              "Success"A

8              "First Day/Last Day" A

9              "About Last Night"B+

10           "Elliot's Dad" B+

11           "Payment Due" C

12           "Deliverance" B

13           "Michael Writes a Story" A

14           "New Job" A

15           "Be a Good Girl" C

16           "Courting Nancy"A

17           "Best of Enemies" B+

Season 3

1              "Nancy's Mom" A

2              "Love and Sex" B

3              "Mr. Right" A

4              "New Baby" A

5              "Legacy" A

6              "Strangers" B

7              "Pilgrims" B

8              "The Burning Bush" C

9              "New Parents" B

10           "Michael's Campaign" A

11           "Pulling Away" A

12           "Another Country" A

13           "Post-Op" A

14           "Once a Mermaid" B

15           "Fathers and Lovers" B

16           "Her Cup Runneth Over" C

17           "Good Sex, Some Sex, What Sex, No Sex" A

18           "The Other Shoe" B

19           "Three Year Itch" B

20           "I'm Nobody, Who Are You?" A

21           "Arizona" A

22           "Going Limp" A

23           "The Go Between" A

24           "Samurai Ad Man" A

Season 4

1              "Prelude to a Bris" B

2              "Life Class" A

3              "Control" B

4              "The Distance" A

5              "The Haunting of DAA" C

6              "The Guilty Party" B

7              "Photo Opportunity" C

8              "Never Better" A

9              "Guns and Roses" A

10           "Happy New Year" A

11           "Melissa and Men" A

12           "Advanced Beginners" B+

13           "Sifting the Ashes" B+

14           "Second Look" A

15           "Fighting the Cold" A

16           "The Difference Between Men and Women B+

17           "Our Wedding" A

18           "Closing the Circle" A

19           "Out the Door" A

20           "Hopeless" C

21           "A Stop at Willoughby" A

22           "Melissa in Wonderland"C

23           "California" A

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Can You Skip Episodes And Still Have A Great Series?

This week I saw an article about skipping episodes of Battlestar Galactica (BSG).  They suggested that you could skip 18 of the show's 75 episodes.  As some of you may know, last year when Josh and I ranked the best shows of all time, Battlestar landed in the number one spot.  So, can we agree with the idea of skipping 24% of the episodes in what we thought was the best show ever?  We are in the fourth season of watching the show, this is my second pass through.  I have to say that if and when we revisit our list of all time shows, BSG will not be my number one show.  (You will have to wait till December to find out what it will be.)  I still believe it is one of the best shows ever.  I also believe that you can, and probably SHOULD, skip quite a few of the season 3 and 4 episodes.  It made me wonder about other shows. Another of my all time favorite series is Thirtysomething.  I believe the character growth and story arcs are the best ever placed on television.  I would love for anyone to show me another character that moves as much as Nancy Weston (Patricia Wetig)  from the pilot of Thirtysomething (where she literally has one line) to the finale of Thirtysomething (where I can't tell you because I do not believe in spoilers, even for a show that is 20 years old.)  I also think there are probably 10 episodes that you could skip out of the 85 and have a much better experience.   It doesn't mean that 30 isn't a great show.  It is just that sometimes the off shoot episodes don't stand up as well as the continuing stories of the ad agency, cancer, or their marriages.   But this can be true of many great shows.   I think no one should suffer through season 6 of Buffy The Vampire Slayer.  But you have to watch the musical episode which is in season 6.   This "skipping episodes" idea is not for a show like Everybody Loves Raymond, The Simpsons, or even Law & Order.  I truly believe this "machete order" idea goes along with shows that either have strong character arcs, (Breaking Bad, West Wing, Sex and the City) or mythology shows where you are dying to find answers (X-Files, Lost, Millennium, Angel.)  I also strongly believe that these are the only shows that truly matter on television.  If episode A doesn't impact episode B then what is the point.  You are basically watching a movie not a serial.  So while there will always be a place for the completest, I like the idea of  knowledgeable skipping around.  I will gladly admit, I have never seen season 6 of Buffy in its entirety.  I did not watch the seasons of Seinfeld once Larry David left.   I seriously wish I had not seen those crap episodes in the second half of season 3 of BSG.   But they are all among my favorite shows of all time.   So I ask you? Can you skip 24% of a series and still say it is one of the best shows ever? Follow us on Facebook or twitter @redroompodcast Order Scott's New Book of 20 Comic Stories: Scott Luck Stories Subscribe to our Weekly Podcast on Television at iTunes