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Scott's Newest Film: Meet Abby

meet abby poster Promo

I have finally finished my latest movie, Meet Abby.  For the next month, I am going to leave it up on You Tube for you to be able to see it.  If you are moved to donate a rental fee, please feel free to go out to Pay Pal and donate to  I will also be selling DVD copies for $7.00.  Meet Abby is a look at today's obsession with phones, Facebook and quick fixes.  The movie runs an hour and fifteen minutes.  It is filled with original music and hopefully some original ideas.Meet Abby ICON sm

Let me know what you think of it.  My next step is to try to make it available for downloads and hopefully a couple of film fests.   If anyone knows of any way to get this movie into a film fest, again, let me know.  This is new territory for me and probably the most independent film you will ever see.  But for now, for free, go ahead and Meet Abby...

 Make sure you hang around for the Bloopers after the credits.

Click here to donate for the viewing.