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10 Best Red Room Podcast Episodes

our 10 Last week the Red Room turned 100 episodes old.  For over 4 years Josh and I have put out 100 episodes.  We have covered sitcoms like Community, Soap, Arrested Development.  We have covered dramas like Downton Abbey, Breaking Bad, China Beach.  We recorded countdown podcasts of characters, episodes and all time shows.  One of the things we are most proud of is how eclectic our series has become. We never wanted to cover just one topic and we never have.

Before we launch the next 100 episodes, I thought it would be fun to take a look back at 10 episodes that I felt were our best.   They are not the highest rated episodes but they are the ones that I think represent what we started out trying to do. (FYI strangely enough our most downloaded podcast according to iTunes is the one we did on Bob Dylan's record, Tempest) I have put the episodes right here so you can book mark the page and listen to some you might have missed or download them from here. Our future is looking bright with our next podcasts all being interviews.  We have Richard Kramer from thirtysomething, Televixen to talk women in Sci-fi and actress  Dana Delany from Hand of God as 104.  Josh coined our slogan: Serious Talk About Television.  Below are 10 examples of that.

10. Dodai Stewart Interview. Oct 30, 2011

This was our 2nd interview and made us feel like we hit the big time.  Dodai worked at and we had a great talk about women on TV.

9. Music of Mad Men. Mar 30, 2014

Ron Simon from the Paley center joined us to talk about what the music in Mad Men was all about.  For me, it was the talk about Johnny Carson that I loved in this interview.

8. The Wire Season 4. Jan 29, 2012

We covered all 5 seasons of the wire but this one is the best.  To talk about what these kids go through is important stuff.  Maybe we should revisit this topic because it is still relevant.

7. Sex & Nudity. Dec 01, 2012

This one is a topic that needed discussed.  Too many shows (and it has gotten much worse since 2012) just use sex and nudity to grab male viewers.  I wanted to discuss how it effects the plot.

6. 50 Best Single Episodes. Jan 25, 2013

I love our countdown episodes but man are they work.  We would usually be so tired after recording one of these but it is fun to jump from show to show.

5. Glenn Gordon Caron Interview. Apr 19, 2015

I do not know how I got to talk with the man who inspired me to write my first movie script.  Moonlighting made me the comic I am today.  Thanks, Glenn. And my mom and wife hate you for that.

4. Twin Peaks Fest with Josh Eisenstadt. Aug 03, 2015

I loved going toe to toe with Josh E.  We had a deep discussion of the myth of Twin Peaks.  Also at this point, no one knew if TP season 3 was real, my interview with The Twede's Cafe manager was an exclusive...for about a day.

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3. Interview with David Bushman. Mar 22, 2013

Bushman gave us credibility.  When this interview was over, Josh said, that was the discussion we have been trying to have since we started.  Thanks, Dave. Call me.

2. Six By Sondheim Editor Miky Wolf. Dec 14, 2013

Sondheim is my bible.  To be able to talk about my favorite composer with the man who edited the movie about him was a dream.  I think this was my best interview up to that point.

1. Violence Against Women on TV. Aug 23, 2013

We talk about women on our show more than most podcast's do.  I love to discuss female characters because so many writer's get them wrong.  This was an important topic and an interesting one.  I like when TV talk turns to real life talk. What does it say about a country that gets its enjoyment from watching women be murdered?

Thanks for walking down memory lane.  We are not done by a long shot. I still have 2 more dream guests: David E Kelley and the wonderful Sheryl Lee. Thanks for listening and if you can, share the article so the Red Room Podcast can take over all of the internet world.

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77 Sondheim Review Interview

77 Podcast Scott interviews Rick Pender the managing editor of The Sondheim Review. They discuss Six By Sondheim, Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me, Road Show in Chicago and the direction of the staged musicals by John Doyle.  This podcast completes Scott's Trilogy of Sondheim podcasts this year.  The interview Scott did about Six By Sondheim was published in the most recent edition as the cover story of The Sondheim Review.  Check out their website to purchase it.

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New Podcast: Year 2 Season Premiere


Episode 41: Our Season premiere.  Did you miss us?  Of course you did.  We are back.  In this episode we discuss Summer TV including: How NBC botched the Summer Olympics, Jerry Seinfeld's new show Comedians In Car Getting Coffee, Breaking Bad, Deadwood, The Daily Show, Alec Baldwin's Podcast Here's the Thing and preview upcoming episodes.  We also announce our upcoming Twin Peaks essay that is going to be published.  Download and subscribe at iTunes to get all of our upcoming episodes.  Welcome to year 2.

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A New Twin Peaks Book Of Essay's Coming 2013

Fan Phenomena: Twin Peaks (Intellect Books - Fan Phenomena)(use this link to order) One of the best things that has happened to us at the Red Room Podcast is that we are going to be published in an upcoming Twin Peaks Book.  Last year Josh and I co-wrote an essay about Fire Walk With Me for the Fan Phenomena Book Series.  This book will contain several essay's about Twin Peaks.  We asked if we could write about the movie because both of us believe the answers for Twin Peaks the series are found in the feature film.  We discuss several topics that we have never spoken of in our blogs or podcasts and we won't spill the beans on what we wrote here either.  We want you to enjoy the book when it is released in 2013.  The publishers have just started a Facebook page for the series.  Their newest book is on Marilyn Monroe so most of their page is about that.    We will let everyone know when the book is coming out and we hope to have the publishers on our podcast to discuss all the essay's and the genesis of the book.  They were very open to letting us write what we want so I am very excited to read the other essay's as well.  I think this will be a collection from the fans, by the fans, for the fans.

On a personal level this truly is a dream come true for me.  I have always wanted to be a published author and have been writing for years, mostly for myself.  I also have been a crazy Twin Peaks fan since it aired in 1990.  Now in some small, small way, I get to add to the world of Twin Peaks.  Not only am I published but it is on one of my favorite topics. I am doubly grateful. Fan Phenomena: Twin Peaks (Intellect Books - Fan Phenomena)Use this link to order

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The Red Room Podcast: Happy 1 Year Anniversary

One year ago today, Josh and I sent the Red Room Podcast Pilot episode out into the world of podcasts.  We had 2 downloads almost immediately.  In a few days we were up to 10.  It has now been downloaded 568 times.  We have had a total of 20,000 all time downloads for all the episodes combined and over 13,000 blog hits.  That is bigger than either of us could ever have dreamed.  We have connected with Dodai Stewart, Mischa from the Twin Peaks Archive, recorded a crossover episode with the Twin Peaks Podcast.  We have connected with a rabid group of Moonlighting fans.  We have rallied a group of disgruntled Harry’s Law fans.   We met Sherilynn Fenn and asked her for an interview. (Still waiting on that one.)  We brought on a Correspondent in Renee to cover award shows.  And our Face book page hit 100 likes by Mark Frost himself.  We have been retweeted by Ben Folds which gave us our biggest Blog day ever.  A year ago, neither of us had ever seen The Wire.  Now, our Wire podcasts are downloaded on a daily basis.  We like to think (there is no evidence to back it up) that we were the very people that inspired David Simon to say he was sick of people reviewing his show season by season. A great highlight for me has been being able to get out some of my long running theories about how writers handle series relationships.  I have been screaming about my Dave and Maddie theory for over 20 years.  Now I write about it.  I love covering The Newsroom and Downton Abbey.  It has been fun watching as new television springs up fulfilling needs we didn’t know we had.  I love that in some small, small way, we have not only reflected Twin Peaks, but have become a small part of it.  Here for the first time, I can announce that Josh and I wrote an essay about Fire Walk With Me that is going to be published.  Twin Peak’s Fans are going to love it.  It covers an interesting theory that I know I have never read before.  But we can’t talk about it yet.  That is for year 2.  We also have recorded an amazing interview that will be coming up as well.

Thank you so much to everyone who liked our link, retweeted us, commented or shot us an email.  (To the best of my knowledge no one has ever shot us an email.  Our email is as empty as a Video Rental Store.)  If people like you didn’t re post us on Face book or twitter, we would still only have two downloads a week.  I think we average around 350 per podcast.  That has been the greatest gift.  We love TV.  We believe it to be art.  It must be studied because it truly does reflect where our society is and where it has been.  Thank you everyone.  We truly love getting to do this and we hope you have enjoyed some of our commentary.   And as Josh would say, “Keep watching Keep Listening.”

Thank you.

Scott & Josh

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