Twin Peaks Returns And I Want It All To Myself...

"Wonder" by JB Minton

Twin Peaks has returned and I don’t want to share it with you but I have to. I am a lot more possessive of this Twin Peaks than I was the original two seasons and a movie. 
Let me explain myself. I didn’t watch Twin Peaks until my friend, podcast co-creator and brother-in-law (in that order) Scott Ryan made me watch it, in what he called, “The Right Way.” 

Now, I was not accustomed to anyone telling me how to watch a television show, but I trusted Scott’s passion and let him be our guide into the world of Frost & Lynch as they put a frame around human suffering and showed us beauty and terror with amazing music, dialogue, and photographs that moved at 30 frames per second.

We bought and ate the donuts when they ate the donuts, drank the coffee when they drank the coffee, and we ate the pie when they ate the pie.  As instructed, I read Laura Palmer’s Diary when Cooper and Truman read Laura Palmer’s Diary, and I read Cooper’s Autobiography halfway through Season 2 so I would be prepared for what the fictional world Twin Peaks was about to suffer from as a second round of tragedy when they lost Special Agent Dale Cooper and he was replaced by a malevolent spirit, hell bent on stoking the flames of hatred and violence in the world to increase the quality of garmonbozia (human suffering in the form of creamed corn that these demons feed on as a source of energy).

Cool Story Bro, but Scott owned the experience of having watched the show and the film time and time again for twenty years. He read every Wrapped In Plastic and collected and framed all those amazing Twin Peaks playing cards. I couldn’t muster the passion to devote myself to a show that old and that far out of an immediate experience. It is similar to how I imagine my children respond when I make them put their electronic devices in a basket and sit down and watch Little House on Prairie.

But then the announcement came from Frost & Lynch on Twitter and suddenly the narrative and the imagery and the sound was taking on new meaning for me. It became a meditation on suffering. There were so many questions to think about that we needed three years to process and prepare for what just started a few weeks ago. 

As I write this, there have been four published “Parts” to the saga of Twin Peaks. Mark Frost published The Secret History of Twin Peaks, a masterpiece of deception and intrigue that put a frame around what we were about to experience with an 18 hour film, slow dripped out over a third of a year, a 33% progression in the Earth’s revolution around the Sun.

But time moves very slowly in the Red Room and in the Black Lodge and in whatever that fucking power station in space is, so we have plenty of time to allow the metaphors to wash over us and tell us secrets about why human beings are born to suffer and die, some of us so much more so than others.

Something is in our house and something is missing. We have to find it and bring it back. Like all Twin Peaks fans, this ongoing work of art has become very special to me, a touchstone of morality and humor and darkness and humility. And I’m willing to share it with you, because it’s immediate and we are experiencing it together, in our waking lives. While the world is burning around us, we walk with the fire and watch how it burns and ignites the next moment in flame. We get to experience this together and perhaps that’s the answer to the question we are asked every second of every moment in Twin Peaks and the world it exists inside, in the Red Room and Black Lodge which feeds off human energy in that world and we get to walk with each other in our "real world," which needs people who understand suffering more than ever so that we can become the change that is needed to let that suffering dissolve in our waking moments together.

JB Minton

JB MInton is the author of POETRYSEXLIFE, ..AND THE THIRD FLOOR MAGISTRATES TOOK THE RAPE and is a Technologist, Podcaster and Twitch Streamer. Follow JB on Facebook, Twitter and the Web.

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